Compliance & Risk Management

Audi Interaction GmbH uses a system of central and operational risk management to deal with risks. In the systemic design of the risk management architecture, we follow the so-called "Three Lines of Defense" model with a clear separation of tasks and functions. The first line of defence is formed by the operating divisions, including managers, who, as risk owners, are independently responsible for the operational management of risks, countermeasures and controls. The second line of defense is governance, risk and compliance, which supports the divisions in the context of operational risk management as an advisory function, among other things. The third line of defence is provided by the internal auditing department of the AUDI AG as an independent entity responsible for auditing the systemic and operational risk management and control activities.

The group-wide risk and compliance management systems ensure that the strategic and operational corporate objectives are protected against risks in the best possible way. It is of central importance for corporate management that all decisions comply with the law and with internal rules and values.

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Compliance & Integrity

At Audi Interaction, compliance stands for activities that, in their entirety, are intended to ensure conduct that complies with the law and rules.

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Risk Management

The responsible management of risks is supported at Audi Interaction by a comprehensive risk management and internal control system.

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Whistleblower System

Our Whistleblower System provides both internal and external reporting channels for individuals who wish to submit information regarding statutory and regulatory violations.