Compliance & Integrity

Icon Compliance und Integrität

It is of central importance for corporate management that all decisions comply with the law and with internal rules and values. The basis for this is provided by the Code of Conduct, which applies throughout the Group. Training is used to create a consistent awareness of key compliance issues throughout the company.

However, not only compliance with applicable laws and company regulations is elementary, but also integrity, meaning personal and entrepreneurial actions or an attitude which, in addition to economic objectives, follows ethical principles such as mutual respect, honesty, appreciation, a sense of responsibility, reliability and fairness, while also taking into account public welfare interests.

Integrity and compliance with the law and regulations are the foundations of our business activities and have top priority within Audi and the entire Volkswagen Group. They form the basis for the good reputation of the company, for the trust of its customers and business partners, for the well-being of its employees and for sustained economic success, which should not be impaired by the risk of high financial losses from fines, profit levies and obligations to pay damages or criminal prosecution.


Code of Conduct – Audi Interaction GmbH