Risk Management

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The organisational design of the RMS/ICS of Audi Interaction GmbH is based on the internationally recognised COSO Enterprise Risk Management Framework (COSO: Committee of Sponsoring Organisations of the Treadway Commission) in close cooperation with AUDI AG. It helps to identify, minimize and, if possible, avoid potential risks.


Principles of Audi Interaction GmbH

Consistent group-wide principles form the basis for the transparent and appropriate handling of risks. These include, among others:

  • the encouragement for an open risk culture,
  • the alignment of the RMS/ICS with the corporate objectives,
  • the weighing of risks and opportunities in order to be able to take advantage of opportunities that are faced with manageable and controllable risks,
  • the observance of rules (compliance),
  • the adequacy of the RMS/ICS in relation to the nature, scope, complexity and risk level of the specific business activity, business environment and
  • the periodical review of the RMS/ICS for effectiveness and efficiency.